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TML Information Services gives its customers a competitive edge by providing faster access to Motor Vehicle Records and empowering them to make better business decisions.

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Access Motor Vehicle Records in 50 states with TML's web-based platform!


The Motor Vehicle Record is one of the most reliable and predictable indicators of an insured’s risk for loss.


TML provides insurance companies with multiple options for access to state motor vehicle records including a secure web browser with SSL encryption as well as more sophisticated APIs for integration with automated underwriting and claims processing systems.

Driver Check 

Get a real-time analysis of a state driving history record using a pre-defined rule set enabling a RAC to verify a customer’s past driving history based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • License Status

  • Expiration date

  • Endorsements (if applicable)

  • Suspensions or revocations

  • Violations/Convictions

  • Accidents

  • DUIs

Employee Check

Conduct a real-time automated analysis of a state driving history record used to verify information submitted by an employee, or prospective employee, in connection with an employment transaction.


Fully compliant with FCRA and DPPA guidelines and available in all fifty states!

Includes access to Commercial Driver License records!