Products by Industry

TML Information Services has access to over 220 million driving history records in 50 states and the District of Columbia and over 100 million vehicle records in fifteen states. TML serves several industries with a legitimate business need for access to these records and is fully compliant with DPPA and FCRA guidelines. 


Car Rental

TML introduced its Driver Check service to the car rental industry in 1992 and continues to serve the industry with this critical tool for managing risk. In the same time it takes to get a credit card approval, TML's Driver Check will verify the customer's driving privileges and driving history with the state Department of Motor Vehicles and return a Pass/Fail decision to the rental counter based on a non-discriminatory rule set.​



TML's Auto-Search product enables insurance companies and agents to access real-time Motor Vehicle Records in fifty states for underwriting and claims purposes. TML supports customer specific API's using secure web services and VPNs.



A perfect solution for the "gig" economy, Transportation Networking Companies can verify a driver's license status, issue date, expiration date, suspensions or revocations, violations/convictions, accidents, and DUIs, in less time than it takes to use a Ride-Sharing app!


Employers and Employment Screening

Employee Check analyzes the driving record of an employee, based on a pre-defined rule set, and returns a Yes/No decision to the employer. Employee Check lets the employer set the standard for qualified drivers and eliminates any confusion about the information on a state driving record. Employee Check has access to over 220 million driving history records in fifty states, including Commercial Driver Licenses!


Banks / Finance​

Banks and finance companies can access vehicle registration and title records at the state DMVs to verify owner and lienholder information in connection with the processing of a loan or lease of a vehicle.