About Us

TML Information Services, Inc. has been providing Motor Vehicle Records to insurance companies, car rental companies, employers, banks, and finance companies for over 25 years. The company operates a proprietary network of servers that access driving history records at 50 state Departments of Motor Vehicles and the District of Columbia. Almost all states are available online and the average response time for a  driving record is less than five seconds.

Since its beginning in 1985, TML has focused on real-time transaction processing and was the first company to build an online ordering system exclusive to Motor Vehicle Records. When other companies were taking hours and days to process a request for a driving record using a "batch" process, TML was returning the record in seconds!


The improved response time made the information more valuable to the user and created new applications for the use of these records. Real-time access allowed insurance companies to accurately underwrite an application at the point of sale and avoid costly cancellations and premium changes due to information in the driving record. Car rental companies could now verify a customer's driving history at the rental counter and avoid renting to unlicensed and unsafe drivers. Employers could verify an applicant's driving record in seconds and speed up the on-boarding process.

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